Holiday Entertaining with an Eye on the Future

December 7, 2023

Is remodeling your kitchen on your “to do” list for 2024?  While entertaining family and friends during the holidays this year, take note of problem areas that can be addressed in your upcoming remodel. These could include traffic congestion, insufficient counter space, or inadequate storage for items.  Making these observations now can help plan your new kitchen later. By the time next year’s festive season approaches, your kitchen will have been transformed into a seamless and enchanting space for entertaining.

Traffic Congestion while preparing and serving during the holidays can be a source of frustration.  Remember that old saying, “No matter where I serve my guests, it seems they like my kitchen best”? Notice where there are distinct zones for prep, cooking, and serving, keeping in mind potential changes in the kitchen layout during the remodel.  Consider expanding the width of the walk space around an island, or adding barstools so you can socialize while cooking. Upgrade your kitchen with a stunning Galley Workstation, revolutionizing the way you prepare food and creating a focal point for future gatherings. The Galley Workstation – THE GALLEY® | Reinvent Your Kitchen

Insufficient Counter Space can result in a cluttered kitchen.  Commence the holiday season by clearing your counters of unnecessary items and creating space for festive essentials. Make note of areas where clutter tends to accumulate and consider future storage solutions during a remodel. Plan to store bulky, heavy appliances such as a stand mixer in a cabinet with a pop-up mixer stand, saving space on your counter and doing the lifting for you. Hide small appliances including coffeemakers in appliance garages (don’t forget to add some extra outlets inside). Coffee pods can be stored in special drawer inserts. Freeing up counterspace will make your kitchen look larger and give you more space to entertain. 

Inadequate Kitchen Storage is important to take into consideration when remodeling your kitchen next year.  While entertaining this season, focus on recognizing which specific cabinets could benefit from organizers such as pull-out shelves or tray dividers.  Consider investing in adjustable shelving to accommodate items of varying sizes to maximize space and functionality. Add swing out cabinets, shelf risers, and pullout shelves for ease of storage. Plan for an enhanced spice organization system in the remodel, such as a spice drawer with inserts or organizers. Utilize drawer dividers for efficient utensil organization, including a designated section for entertaining tools. For ideas, the Wood-Mode website is a wonderful source of inspiration for storage solutions. Wood Mode | Storage (

Not all storage has to be hidden behind cabinet doors. Install shelves or hanging racks to maximize vertical storage and to create eye-catching displays of favorite entertaining pieces. Opt for clear containers for a visually appealing display. Identify the ideal location for additional beverage storage in the remodel, whether it’s an undercounter wine fridge, a bar cart, or a built-in beverage center. Prioritize safety and organization with a designated area for knives. Consider how this setup can be enhanced in the remodel, perhaps integrating magnetic strips seamlessly into the design.

Document observations and feedback from this year’s entertaining experiences to inform your kitchen remodel next year. Consider how the layout, storage solutions, and specialized entertaining items can be optimized for future festivities.  By strategically addressing immediate needs and taking note of potential improvements, you can transform your kitchen into an entertaining haven this holiday season while laying the groundwork for a remodel that will elevate your culinary and hosting experiences in the years to come.

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