Make It Mid-Century Modern!

January 18, 2024

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Mid-century modern design is characterized by clean lines, simple forms, and a focus on functionality and was influenced by a combination of social, cultural, technological, and artistic factors. The Bauhaus and Modernist Movements along with Scandinavian and Japanese design contributed to the clean lines and a move away from excessive ornamentation.  The style emphasizes simplicity, functionality, and natural materials. The Space Age and Atomic Age also influenced design aesthetics; atomic motifs, starbursts, and futuristic shapes became popular in furniture and decor.  In addition, new materials like plywood, fiberglass, and molded plastics allowed for innovative and affordable furniture designs for a growing middle class.

The kitchen is a fun place to add elements of mid-century design.  Stick to a palette of muted and earthy tones. Consider using a combination of white and wood for a timeless and clean look. Popular colors from the mid-century era include teal, avocado green, mustard yellow, muted orange, white, and wood tones.  Mid-Century Modern Decor & Design Elements (

If you are doing a whole-room remodel, opt for flat-front or slab cabinets with minimal ornamentation. Choose wood finishes like teak, walnut, or oak for an authentic mid-century feel.  Add some open shelving for displaying colorful dishes or kitchenware. Select simple, sleek hardware in materials like brushed nickel or brass. Long, horizontal pulls are a classic mid-century modern choice.

Choose countertops in materials like quartz, granite, or laminate in solid colors or subtle patterns.  Consider adding a waterfall edge to the countertops for a touch of sophistication.  Choose a simple and clean backsplash design. Subway tiles or mosaic patterns in muted tones work well or add a colorful or patterned backsplash for a pop of mid-century flair.  Subway, hexagon, diamond, and penny tiles are good choices, or use a bold, graphic tile as a focal point.

Use flooring materials like terrazzo, hardwood, or linoleum in a geometric pattern. Achieve a classic mid-century look for a kitchen floor using contrasting colors like black and white. Large floor tiles with clean lines are also a good choice.

Not looking to invest in a whole kitchen remodel, but still want to incorporate a Mid-Century Modern feel to your existing kitchen?  There are simple and effective ways to achieve the look without breaking the bank.  A Tulip table, Eames-style bar stools, and Sputnik chandelier with its iconic atomic-inspired design will help create the look you are going for.  Bring in Mid-Century Modern colors in décor items, dinnerware, or painting an accent wall.  Add geometric patterns to the room with abstract artwork and rugs to introduce bold shapes and colors into the space.  Remember to balance bold patterns with neutral elements to avoid overwhelming the space.  – Vacation Palm Springs | Midcentury modern dining chairs, Modern dining chairs, Dining room design (

Last but not least, don’t forget to add plants!  Bringing the outdoors in was a key element of Mid-Century Modern architecture, and adding indoor plants to your kitchen is an effective way to complete the look.


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