How to Create Small Spaces with High Personality

September 21, 2023

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Small space interior design

Your personality should be showcased in every space of your home – especially the smallest ones. With these recommendations, you can transform your space with the lowest square footage into one with the highest personality!

One way to increase the personality in your small space is to mix metals. The size of your space does not have to dictate how many metals you wish to use! Introducing multiple metals can add complexity and visual interest in your small space. However, be sure not to overwhelm your small space with an array of different metals; be intentional. Be cautious when considering and selecting metals, keeping in mind how they will interact with one another in your small space. Many designers will oftentimes choose one metal as their “primary” while adding one or more as accent pieces. One of our favorite combinations is Brizo matte black and brilliance luxe gold. Wall Mount Lavatory (

Another way to enliven the personality in your small space is to use wallpaper! Your small space is the perfect opportunity to include a personal and creative touch that is unique to you! Compared to the overwhelming feeling of wallpaper in larger spaces, the use of wallpaper in your small space can complement its size without being too chaotic. By introducing a difference in material, color, and pattern, your small space will become more elevated and memorable! & Powder Room/pattern/Palm Frond/id/3364/

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