Unique Uses for Tile

April 11, 2024

Tiles behind bar cabinets

Think tiles are just a utilitarian wall and floor covering for bathrooms and kitchens?  The thought of tile evokes a yawn? Instead of picturing plain white subway tiles on a kitchen backsplash or utilitarian 4” x 4” square tiles on shower walls, think outside the box! Using tiles in unconventional ways can lead to stunning and unexpected results and add a touch of creativity and uniqueness to a home.

StatemeTile Rugnt Walls: Consider creating a statement wall in other living spaces like the living room or bedroom. Choose bold, colorful tiles or intricate patterns to add drama and visual interest to the room, like the tiles we used behind the glass bar cabinets in our showroom in the photo above. A tiled statement wall can become the focal point of the space and elevate the entire design.

Tile Rug: Instead of a traditional fabric rug, consider using tiles to create a rug-like pattern on the floor. This works especially well in entryways, kitchens, or dining areas where durability is key. Choose a contrasting tile design to mimic the look of a rug and add visual interest to the floor.  Here’s an interesting twist: A tile bathroom backsplash turned runner.

Furniture Accents: Incorporate tiles into furniture pieces for a one-of-a-kind look. For example, use tiles as tabletops for coffee tables or side tables. You can also tile the front of a kitchen island or a fireplaceTile stair riserssurround to add texture and a touch of luxury.

Stair Risers: Transform plain stair risers into works of art by tiling them with vibrant patterns or intricate designs. This adds a surprising element to staircases and can make a striking impact in any home.

Architectural Elements: If you have built-in niches or alcoves, consider tiling the back wall to create a decorative accent. This is a great way to highlight a special object or create a display area that stands out against the surrounding walls. A tiled coffee nook can make that morning cup of joe feel like it came from an upscale coffee shop. Now you just need to learn how to make those frothy designs on top!

These are just a few of the many ways you can use tile in unique and creative ways. Inspired to add some tile to your next remodeling project? Deciding what that project is will be the easy part.  The hard part will be choosing the tile…there are so many colors, materials, patterns, textures, and sizes of available today!


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